Welcome to Live By Luna!

Welcome to Live By Luna!

This is our first post of, hopefully, many more to come! We hope you will enjoy our adventures with music, sports, travel, health, and in general, everyday life. We are 3 women in their 20s, and will each be offering a variety of content because life is boring without a little bit of diversity and a lot of options. Everyone loves having options!!! And Live by Luna (LBL) will give you options! Even our name gives you options to allow you to choose what it means to you. Each letter in “LUNA” represents something to us as a group; L for Love, U for Unity, N for Nature & Nurture, and A for Abundance of everything good. But maybe these letters have different words and meanings for you, and if they do please feel free to share them with us!

Live by Luna has been a project the 3 of us had been thinking and talking about for a while, especially when we’d spend hours, if not days, talking about the topics we were passionate about, either to each other or to others. And what is better than having a whole community to have a conversation with about the things you love? Nothing!

Our purpose for LBL is to be inspiring, to be fun, to be encouraging and uplifting, to be informative and inclusive of all walks of life and interests and much more. LBL is the outlet we made with so much enthusiasm to share information on things we are passionate about in order to connect with others on a broader scale. And as you get to know us, you’ll see how very different we are, but also how well we complement each other. Diversity is beautiful and the world is large enough to hold everyone and their beliefs, likes, and way of living in it! So let’s enjoy life and live by Luna together!

Can’t wait to meet y’all!!!



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