NBA Mock Draft Thoughts

Hi y’all!

So, as many of you know (or maybe you don’t) many sports sites have just released their mock NBA 1st round draft picks, with most having the Lakers at having the 3rd pick and choosing Lonzo Ball. The Lakers NEED a point guard! A TRUE point guard. Russel was given the task to play at the point guard (PG) position and although he can play the position, I know we can do better a true point guard.

Although there are many talented young players, I do agree with the mock drafts having the Lakers draft Ball. The Lakers need a passer like Ball with the ability to make plays in any situation. Regardless of his outspoken father and outrageously overpriced shoes, he is a good PG and one that has the potential to become a legend. And with our most recent legend, Kobe Bryant, gone; a star is what LA needs. But if the Lakers do get the 3rd pick, it will not guarantee their acquisition of Ball. Sure the mock drafts also have Ball going 3rd with the Lakers, and I’m hoping, for the Lakers sake, that Boston and Phoenix won’t draft him first. But let’s go ahead and assume things don’t go as projected, who should the Lakers then draft for in place of Ball? Well, I’d go with either Markelle Fultz, another point guard, or Josh Jackson, a Small Forward. Both are amazing players and along with Ball, will all be the top three picks.

In the end, however, whether the Lakers draft Ball or not, the team will acquire someone and they will be helpful to our team in need. And help from any of those 3 players will bring some life back into the team I love most, to the team I watched win 5 times, to the team I grew up with. The Lakers have spoiled me since the age of 6, and because of what they have given me and their city is why I will forever be a fan, through championships and loses.

Thanks for reading out my NBA draft rant!


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