Who Says you Can’t Hike in LA! 

What is the first thing that pops into your head when you think of Los Angeles? I’m pretty sure your first thought wasn’t HIKING!. When people think of LA hiking they think of Runyon Canyon. Los Angeles is full of amazing trails that are just waiting to be explored.  Here’s a little fun fact on myself. I have been hiking since I was 12 years old. Today I bring to you my top 3 favorite hikes! Hiking gives you a getaway from the real world even if only for a couple moments.

1. The West Observatory Hiking Trail

Distance: 3 miles

Difficulty: 2

The west observatory trail has been a favorite for years. This was the very first hiking trail I ever went on. To get to this hike head up Fern Dell Dr. until you reach the dirt path. You can go up the trail that is passing the restroom area. This trail provides you with amazing views of LA land marks such as the Hollywood sign, the Griffith observatory (obviously), and amazing city views. This trail is really great for hikers who are just beginning.

2. Grotto Trail

Distance- 3 miles

Difficulty- 4

This is my favorite secret gem hidden deep into the Santa Monica Mountains. On this hike expect to climb boulders, cross creeks, and go under grottos. Since the winter rains have thankfully provided us with water the waterfalls and creeks are flowing more than usual. The scenery is so green. This hike is pretty treacherous so remember to bring sturdy hiking shoes. To get to the Grotto trail you go up Yerba Buena Rd. The trail head starts up at Circle X Ranch! The grotto hike is the type of hike you go one when you are seeking adventure!

3. Wisdom Tree Trail

Distance: 2-2.5 miles

Difficulty- 4.5

Last but definitely not least is the Wisdom tree! This hike is not for the faint of heart. As soon as you step out of you car you start your hike. You start your trek up Wonderview Dr. to the trail head. Once you have reached the trail head… well it’s all up from there (literally!) I love this hike because it tests your potential. There might be times where you might think it’s too difficult I want to give up… DONT! The feeling you get when you reach the top of this hike is like no other. You have a 360 view of the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles at the top of that mountain. Many people come to the top and leave a letter or note inside the treasure chest. I’m guilty of dropping a breakup letter or two in there. This hike has been made more famous by Justin Bieber so the best times to go would be early morning or a little later in the after noon if you aren’t looking to hike with a big crowd. Once you’ve reached the top take in the view and start your trek back down once you’ve soaked it all in.

Those are my top 3 LA Hikes! If you have any new trails you want to share feel free to drop a comment below! I hope you have found this guide helpful! Hope to see you out on the trails soon

Xoxo -A

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