Music Monthly

Hello Everyone!!
Welcome to the very first Music Monthly! Music Monthly is going to be a monthly post that I do featuring some of my favorite music by artists that range widely from main stream to underground. I am a huge fan of finding new up and coming artists and love supporting them, so hopefully you will discover some new music interests with me. This month I am dedicating MM to 3 amazing women of different genres who I just love to listen to. Let’s dive in!

Artist: Party Nails
Album: Come Again EP
Favorite Song: Come Again
Party Nails is an artist I discovered when she opened for a band I went to see with some friends. Her music has a different type of pop sound that takes you back to another time. She sounds so vintage and unique and her lyrics can make you feel several emotions all at once; its mesmerizing. Listening to Party Nails will make you feel like you’re back in the 80s/90s during the Madonna “Material Girls” and Cyndi Lauper “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” era. Having personally met her myself, I can tell you that she is so sweet and genuine which makes you love and enjoy listening to her music so much more. If you’re looking for good music to give you some feel-good throwback vibes, then Party Nails is definitely your girl! Also, she will be playing at the Bootleg Theater in LA on May 24th! Come hangout! Link to tickets below, nab some before they sell out!

Artist: Amy Metcalfe
Album: Inside Out
Favorite Song: Senses
Country music is the heart of it all for me, so I can be a little biased towards it. I love all genres, but country music just hits a special spot for me. I love stories! Writing music is a special kind of storytelling. As I mentioned earlier, I am biased towards country music; storytelling through country music is my favorite. This is where Amy Metcalfe comes to my mind, and Amy possesses a special gift for storytelling. She sounds like a true old school country star that is different from many country women right now. She captivates the essence of what it is to be a country artist. Her songs tell a story about her life that many women can relate to, from love songs to break up anthems. I can’t think of anything greater than music truly speaking to people everywhere in all walks of their lives.

Artist: Victoria Riba
Album: Mírame
Favorite Song: Grita
Lastly, I just had to include Victoria Riba. She is a Spanish singer whose Spanish songs are absolutely amazing! Her vocals are beautiful and her songs are enchanting. Her music takes you on a ride like no other. It makes you want to jump, sing and dance all over your room while using a hair brush as a microphone (not embarrassed to say I do this). Her music is so upbeat it’ll put you in a good mood on any somber day. Listening to music is my second language and has always been one of my favorite things! Everything just seems so much more sensual and dramatic in Spanish, which makes you feel the music so much more deeply! It’s just so beautiful!

New Music Bonus:

Artist: Halsey
Album: Hopeless Fountain Kingdom
Favorite Song: Eyes Closed
This song is haunting, sad, and brilliant. Give it a listen because it is SO good! The full album will be released in June, and Halsey will be going on tour in the Fall with 3 SoCal stops, one in Los Angeles and the others in San Diego and Anaheim! She will also be at Kiis Fm’s Wango Tango this weekend on May 13th!! Ticket links below, grab yours before they’re all gone!
Halsey: hopeless fountain kingdom tour tickets: http://www.ticketmaster.com/Halsey-tickets/artist/2028626
102.7 Kiis Fm Wango Tango: https://ticketing.axs.com/PickASection.aspx?t=2833635E8D4975F06344DE0&og=-1&skin=wangotango

All of these artists have music up on Spotify and Apple Music so go give them a listen! If you have any suggestions or new artists you think I should hear, please send me a message or leave a comment below!


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