LBL Tv Show Rundown

Hey everyone!
It’s S here and I am back this week with a new topic on TV Shows called the LBL TV Show RunDown! One of my favorite pastimes is to watch television. There are just so many good shows on now a days its so hard to keep up! I have cable and Netflix so I definitely have a ton to choose from. Currently, I am really into Game of Thrones, Pretty Little Liars, Baby Daddy, Supernatural and Once Upon a Time. A guilty pleasure of mine is watching reruns of the show FRIENDS daily. I just LOVE LOVE that show! Anyhow, the LBL TV Show RunDown will be a place where we can share recaps, reviews, news and theories on different shows. Cant wait to tell you what I think but most importantly, to hear what your guys’ thoughts are!

Rosewood High School

This month I thought we should focus on the one and only Pretty Little Liars which airs Tuesday nights at 8pm on Freeform. As most of you know this is the very last season of this wonderfully crazy show! It is so bittersweet! I say bittersweet because lets get real here, we’ve all been dying to know who uber A is. We also know that in order to find out who the person under the black hoodie is the show will have to come to a close. I’ll definitely be sad to see it go but I just cannot wait to get answers I’ve waited years for! *If you have not watched the show and plan to watch it, or are not up to date I suggest not to continue reading as there are spoilers ahead.* When we last left off a couple weeks ago we found out that Aria may be going to the dark side. As a huge fan of the show I have read theory after theory! There have been so many theories on either Aria being crazy or Aria being uber A. While I don’t believe she will end up being endgame and I am sort of skeptical about her betraying her friends I love where they’re headed. If she does in fact go dark or pretend to join the A team to figure things out, it should be awesome. Aria has always been my favorite liar and of course she’s also the girlfriend to my favorite boyfriend on the show the one and only, Ezra Fitzgerald. Today is finally the day where we will get to see what side Aria will choose to be on. That’s exciting on its own, but it gets even better because the director of the episode is one of the liars Troian Bellisario (Spencer Hastings)! She has proven to be a brilliant actress and I can not wait to see how she chose to direct this episode. Another big reveal, in case you missed it, was that Ali is actually carrying Emily’s baby! Thats right, you read that correctly! Emily was totally right to be paranoid thinking that A stole her eggs because they did! They stole them and planted them in Alison while she was locked up in the psych ward. We also found out that our dear friend Lucas was friends with Charles when they were young! How crazy is that? I so knew he had a connection to Cece somehow. As if that weren’t enough, our favorite Doctor will be coming back into Rosewood tomorrow night, the ever so charming Wren Kingston! Looks like writer and director Marlene King wasn’t lying when she said that this Uber A was the most dangerous one yet! I have a feeling things are about to go down and dirty in Rosewood!

OUAT & Baby Daddy
Lets talk news real quick. I am actually a tad bit behind on both Once Upon a Time and Baby Daddy. However that does not mean I have not been keeping track of releases surrounding the shows. So lets start with Baby Daddy, I was most definitely saddened to hear that Baby Daddy has been cancelled and actually came to an end last night! Baby Daddy just aired its 100th and final episode last night on Freeform, so be sure to look it up online or tune in to a rerun if you missed it to say a heartfelt goodbye to your favorite crazy funny family!
Now lets talk fairytales! Once Upon a Time has finished season 6! So many things happened, so many emotions like happiness mixed with confusion. It has been announced that the show has been renewed for another season! This is usually very exciting except this one comes with a bit of a twist. While the show is coming back, it will not be coming back with all of its previous main characters. Emma, Henry (young), Charming, Snow, Belle and Zelena will not be returning to be series regulars. These are practically all of our main characters except for Regina, Hook and Rumple who will be returning. How will these characters move forward and what does the future look like for Storybrooke? We will have to wait and see in the new upcoming season. One thing we can look forward to is still having 3 of our favorite hero/villains continue and speculate which new fairytale character will be coming into town. I was unhappy to hear of so many cast members leaving the show but I am glad the story is not over. I love fairytales and I love Disney so this show is something I always look forward to.

To end this post on a happier note Game of Thrones will be returning this summer on July 16th so mark you calendars!
Supernatural will also be returning for another fun filled Winchester Brother hunting season later this year!
Also, for anyone who is interested, Nickelodeon plays FRIENDS reruns almost every night! Or if you have Netflix and have not seen the show I suggest you binge watch it! The show will surely give you something to laugh about as you dive in and follow the life of 6 young friendly New Yorkers.
That is all for now! Cant wait to talk to you again next month on the LBL TV Show Rundown!


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