A’s Guide for Newbie Runners

  Hello Lovelies, A here. As I have mentioned before I have a great love for running. It is a relationship that I hold dear to me. There was a time where I could not even run for more than a minute or two without starting to heavily pant. I am no athlete; I would honestly rather sit around lounging watching the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy.But as I have learned over time running has it number of benefits. Not only has it helped me out mentally, running has also played its part in helping me physically. If you were to tell me when I was in high school that I would run 3-4 miles a day for fun, I would look at you and be like “Yeah Right!” I was the girl who would half walk half run her mile when I was in school. I used to be considered a quote on quote “Lazy Girl” runner. Don’t let the name fool you lazy girls CAN run.

   If you’re like me and are looking to start on your own running journey CONGRATS! Just know you can do it! 🙂 Beginning to run may seem like one of the scariest things you can do. Trust me when I began on my running journey I did not know where to start. With time I eventually learned what worked and what didn’t (based on personal opinion)

  Being the natural helper and advisor I can be, I am here to give you some helpful and essential tips on your road to start slamming down on that pavement! Yay I’m so excited for you!

Tip # 1: Invest in Some Running Shoes

  When I first began running, I bought some tennis shoes I found for $29 at Target. I noticed they would hurt me and pinch me every single time I would go out for a run. It made me dread going out for a run because I kept hurting my self. I saved up and invested in my 2nd pair of Running shoes, I bought the Nike Free Runs! It was one of the best purchases I made. I highly recommend you look for a shoe that fits you comfortably and doesn’t pinch your toes. Find a shoe with a good grip and a soft bottom sole. Some great running shoes are Nike’s ( my current go to), Asics, and Reebok has some pretty good running shoes as well. These brands all have great designs and aerodynamics to fit your personal needs.

Tip #2: Remember to always ALWAYS stretch before and after a run!

• Like I said when I first started to run I had no clue what I was doing. I just hit the ground…well running. I didn’t think of stretching I just ran. I noticed that my legs would get tired really fast. I would almost always get shin splints (which are not fun) I would get super tired super fast. I came to realize that it was because for one I hadn’t warmed up my muscles and just put so much pressure on them. They weren’t reaching their full potential because they weren’t loose. I’ve come to realize the importance and benefits that stretching gives the body. It not only works for your legs it works for your core, your hips, and your back. Stretching only take about 3-5 minutes. It can help you from getting out of the running game by avoiding any injuries. Stretching builds your endurance as well. And the great thing is that there are a variety of stretches you can look up. My favorite is the butterfly stretch, you sit on the floor bring you heels together and go down as low as you can do this for 20 seconds. Your body will surely thank you after your runs,

Tip #3: Pace Yourself

• Of course your first run may feel like you’re going super slow, it is your FIRST run after all. Remember that you are your own individual and you know your body best. If you can only run for one minute at a time before you feel you need a break that is perfectly fine. Maybe on your third run you’ll be able to go maybe 30 seconds longer than you did on the first run. The thing with running is that it’s a built endurance, just like with a lot of things it takes practice. The key is Do Not give up on yourself. When I first started to run my mile was at 30 minutes, I knew people who could do it in 8-10 minutes. I obviously was embarrassed by my time, like I said I’m not athlete. I did not let that bring me down, I at first started using NikeRun (because as you can tell I love Nike) but then the update totally messed the app up for me. So then I started to use my favorite running tracker Runkeeper! This app is awesome not only does it time your miles, it tracks and highlights your distance on a map. I found a motivation in looking at my old time compared to my new mile time! The only way I got down to my new time was by hitting the ground 4-5 morning a week and practicing and pacing myself. “Slow and steady wins the race” Just be patient with yourself and know that you CAN do this. When you pace yourself also remember to pace your breathing. A technique that works is ABCD in EFG out.

Tip #4: Location, Location, Location

Whether you wanna start running indoors or outdoors it’s up to you .You can totally running on a treadmill and do intervals. Or you can hit the pavement (not before you stretch of course ) Whichever is fine, the great thing about running is that it gives you so much variety and options to choose from. Just choose a place that works best for you! Personally for me, I enjoy running around the school that’s around my house. Not only do I feel safe when I run around there, I can easily measure my distance by the number laps I run around. You can honestly make anywhere your own running track just remember to watch your surroundings.

I really hope these tips have helped you out with your running endeavors ! Do you enjoy running by yourself or with a buddy? I would love to hear from you on your quest into the running world. Remember you got this and if you need a virtual workout buddy or some encouragement I’m here for you!

💭 –A


  1. I’m picking up running and other exercises as part of my recovery from back pain and it’s been both fun and tough. I love the empowerment of exercise but I have trouble getting up early because of how cold it is here this time of year.
    Why did you decide to make the shift to start running?


  2. I’m picking up running and other exercise as part of my recovery from back pain. So far it’s been both great and though. I love the empowerment of exercise but I find it hard to get up so early in the morning.
    Why did you decide to make the shift and start running?


    1. Hello, Enette! I’m glad you’re getting back out there. And I agree with you exercise give you empowerment and the feeling afterwards knowing you got in a workout is amazing. What got me out there was that I just didn’t want to be sitting all day and wanted to test my self and how hard I could go

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