Finals… Oh Finals..

        Hello lovelies and welcome to this week’s blog! Recently I went through finals just like I’m guessing many of you have gone through as well or are about to. If you have finished woo hoo congrats, I hope you have an excellent summer planned. For those of you who still have yet to take your final exams… Good Luck! My finals this year were totally loaded with a cold and a horrible cough. I walked into my final basically half asleep and feeling like total crap. I am guilty of just getting out of bed pulling on some leggings, putting my hair up in a messy bun and walking out the house. This week I wrote a letter to finals that many of us can relate to! See it down below!



Dear Finals,

    This isn’t a letter of sentiment this is a letter to let you know how I really feel about you. Finals you leave me feeling beat down and stressed out. You’re not just some regular test or mid term exam you’re more than that. With you finals I know that it comes down to the last string, you’re the own who really has the power to let me move on or make my feet stay planted right where they’ve been. Let’s be real tho it is not really all about you; it is the knowledge of your approach; it is knowing that this is coming to an end and I have to be prepared. I honestly don’t understand the need for me to rely so much on you for a passing grade. You cause me so much anxiety and stress in just that one week alone. Finals you’re that light at the end of a dark tunnel, you either make us or break us.

    Finals, you have made me do some pretty crazy things that include taking 4 espresso shots in a row to make sure I can pull an all nighter. Only to come to realize that, that was a bad idea all on its own. I stayed up til the very next day and almost crashed right in the middle of you. You have come in between my friendships you’ve made me say “Hey not tonight.” more times than I’d like to admit. You’ve also been the one to stop me from binge watching my favorite shows on Netflix, because when it comes to you I can’t just say “I’ll study later.” You are just one big ball of information that I HAVE to know.

     The thing is when I do take you that doesn’t mean it’s over. I still have to wait around and see how well I did on you. As soon as I step out of those doors I start doubting my answers. Did I answer #4 right. Was it true or was it false. Even after we’ve parted ways I still do not feel the sense of freedom to enjoy myself just yet. I have an internal freak out and that was just one minute after leaving you pressed down on my professor’s desk. Now imagine how messed up my nerves will be for the next week as I eagerly wait for you to pop out on my screen with the results.

    Until Next Time, because I Know There will be a Next Time,


Drop by in the comments below and let me know how you feel about finals! What are your plans this summer? Can’t wait to hear from y’all.. See you guys next week same blog, same place!

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