Goodbye School! Hello Summer!

LBL is here celebrating with you! 😉

N’s message:

School is out and now you have some decisions to make! If you’re just graduating from high school, you now have to choose which school to go to, whether that be a 4 yr or community. And if you don’t already know, choosing which major is right for you may be the most difficult. Trust me you might end up changing it once or multiple times…it’s normal, it’ll be fine. I changed mine 😎. I was in your shoes in 2011 and I was a little scared, but I it made to 2015 and I know you’ll make your graduation year with all the success y’all deserve and you’ll be fine and you’ll do great!!! If you’ve just graduated with your bachelors (well goddamn, CONGRATS on that), but I’m sure you know getting out there in the work force or looking into grad programs is extremely difficult and competitive, but it isn’t impossible. It took a couple months for me to find a job, but I found one and I know you will too. You’re smart! You’ll find something or you’ll get into a grad program (one HAS to want you!).

But for now, let’s all enjoy this way too short break we’ve all grown to wait for anxiously every year! Hello, Summer!!!
S’s message:

It is officially June! So for most of us that means… SCHOOL IS NO LONGER IN SESSION! First and foremost we want to congratulate all of the graduates! You did it! You are done! We hope that this summer will be a time of celebration and that your next endeavors whether that be college or work will be a great adventure!
If you’re in Highschool and heading out to a job or college/university step out with confidence. The world might seem scary and it’s probably not going to be completely what you expected. But it is yours for the taking. Now is your time to explore and find yourself, your passions and what you want to do in your life. Take a dance class, an art class try new things! It’s a ton of fun and it’s so worth the experience!

If you’re a junior college graduate transferring out to university two of us are right alongside you! “A” is leaving junior college and heading to California State University Northridge while I am heading out to California State University Los Angeles. I could not be more thrilled for this change! I am ready to be challenged and to take on new experiences. So if you’re on the same boat we will definitely be using this as an outlet to be sharing our experiences going from Junior College to a University.

If you’re in University and headed out to the workforce we wish you the best of luck! Sending you nothing but positive vibes so that no matter what field you go into you can make a difference in this world. Now is the time to leave your imprint and share all your gifts and knowledge that you have. It might be scary at first and confusing but do not give up. Do not let anyone scare you because where one door closes another opens. “N” is a graduate from University of California Merced and has been out in the work force for 2 years now.

So before all of that happens have a HAPPY SUMMER! Spend sometime with family, friends and the sun! Life goes by so quickly we need to try our best to try to slow it down to really love it to the fullest. Here’s to hoping you will have the best summer yet and that you’re future is full of adventure and excitement!

Congratulations Class of 2017 you did it!

A’s message:

Well hello there lovelies once again! We here at Live by Luna just wanted to take the time out to congratulate the class of 2017! Yes, after all your struggle and dedication you made it! Now you can finally take on the world and make it your very own. Enjoy this summer because you deserve it… live it up. Whether you just graduated from high school or college we here at Live By Luna want to say We’re so proud of your accomplishments. We know how hard the road is to graduation and commend you for it.
I cannot wait to be in your shoes soon. An update to my blog as much as I dreaded taking my final I ended up getting an A on it. So I obviously was excited for many reasons, one of those is that I can finally transfer over to CSUN (Cal State University Northridge) and finally finish with my upper division classes! The majority of my family are alumni there so to continue the legacy is like super exciting!
PS: We would love to hear what the future is looking like for you or any summer plans you may have! Leave a comment below, we’d love to chat with you!


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