Take a Trip Anywhere, Anytime!

I definitely believe in treating your self more than just “once in a while.” And my way of treating myself is usually taking myself out to ball games or random travel trips, which present themselves with little to no time to plan anything out. I believe those are the best trips because planning leads to expectations and expectations lead to disappointments (not always, but things rarely go as planned.).  

This weekend the opportunity arose to go to Las Vegas. Some friends called up and said they had a room, so some friends and I bought some plane tickets and headed out after work (this required using a sick day from work, but I work hard, so I decided I deserved a day off). But my favorite trip as of now has to be NY 2k16. Last year a friend moved out to New York and asked us to visit, so we did (and yes, a week off of work hurt the bank account, but I decided to live a little 😎). 
I’ll show you what my fav NY places were during this unplanned NY trip. 
First fav part of the trip was visiting a cemetery in Brooklyn right across the street from my airb&b. I had no idea of the history behind this cemetery until I got there and I was there for about 5 hrs and probably walked about 7 miles there and a totally Of 18 miles for the day. 

I love history, so finding this cemetery across our place was amazing. This cemetery is called the Green-Wood Cemetery and it is also the location of the battle of Brooklyn or aka the Battle of Long Island. This battle was fought on August 27th, 1776 and was the first major battle of the revolutionary war! Walking that battle path was surreal. Soldiers fought and died in the very location I was walking on to make this country be what it is today! 

Next on the list:
Liberty & Ellis Island. I can only imagine what people felt coming in and seeing the Statue of Liberty! They probably had the feeling of hope for the first time in a long time or for some, for the first time in their lives. 

(View from a dormitory at Ellis island)

Again, I LOVE history and walking among the area where some of the first immigrants arrived to find a chance at a better life was so humbling. I wanted to just keep walking around this island and keep looking at the little things these people left behind like the graffiti still visible on some walls that featured their names. 
Up next:
Central Park. Okay, so I knew how big Central Park was, but it was definitely much bigger than I expected. It was MASSIVE! 
I definitely would not have been able to see all or the majority of this beautiful park if I had chosen to walk, so recommend taking a guided bike ride. These tours are so convenient, especially once your feet are killing you already (and your feet will definitely kill you). I can stress enough how badly y’all need to take comfortable shoes to NY. You’ll seriously be walking EVERYWHERE!!! 

Memorable mentions:

I obviously couldn’t visit NY without paying my respects to the people who lost their lives in ground zero. 

And of course I had to view the city from the Empire State Building 

And I had to visit the bull!

Also, the pizza is pretty god damn good!!!

Hope y’all enjoyed my photos and I hope y’all had or will have as much fun as I did in NY or anywhere life takes you! Tell us about your trips and your fav spots! Next trip in store for me will be next month! Italy 2k17 is finally going to happen for me!!! Can’t wait to tell y’all about it!!!!🤗 
✌🏻- N

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