Top 4 Friday’s: Summer Reads

Top 4 Friday’s: Summer Reads

    Welcome Back lovelies, and if you’re new to this blog welcome! Ever since I could remember I’ve had the greatest love for books. I am a self-labeled bibliophile. Now, don’t get me wrong I love binge watching Netflix or catching up on the latest TV shows, but there’s just something about going from one page onto the next. The thing for me with books is that with the flip of the cover you are transported into this different universe filled with a whole new set of characters every time. Summer is here, and ready to take flight which means there are new stories to be read and told. Today I bring to you guys the top 4 summer reads in my personal library. These are books that have a special place in my heart and will hopefully pull you in just like they did with me.


Thirteen Reasons Why Written By: Jay Asher

    Thirteen Reasons Why tells the story of Hannah Baker and basically why she took her life. She leaves behind 13 tapes, each one more heart wrenching and dramatic. Each tape holds a secret, or in this case a reason as to why she did what she did. The story is told through two points of views Clay’s and Hannah’s. Clay is the main protagonist of the story. He is the one who finds the tapes on his porch one day after school. Hannah gives us the play by play of the events that led up to her suicide 2 weeks before. The structure and build of this story is pretty fantastic! You should definitely read this book if you’re looking for something that will keep you wondering and on the edge of your seat the whole time.

    I had purchased this book a while back but never really took a chance to sit down and read it. That all changed this year when I found myself at work with nothing to do. I picked it up and was pulled in immediately. It literally took me about 2-3 days to read it. As many of you know this book has been turned into a Netflix series. There were plenty of times where people were raving about it and I would bust out with “Oh my god, I am so happy it made the book justice, but did you notice the differences from the book to the show.” And the most popular reply that I would get would be “There’s a book.” *insert eyeroll here* People would constantly be like no spoilers, but if you read the book well technically you already know what’s about to go down. It’s a pretty intense read and show. The part I was most excited about was getting to see these characters go from a page to an actual screen and getting to see what was visualized in my head become a reality. This book really captivated me as it has many others it really pulls at the heart strings. For many people it opened their eyes and for some has taught them life lessons.

Ali’s Pretty Little Lies Written By: Sara Shepard

 Ali’s Pretty Little Lies, is a prequel in the Pretty Little Liars series. This story is told by the prettiest little liar of them all, Alison Dilaurentis.   The book takes us on a time trip back to the 7th grade right before Ali has been murdered. The book reveals secrets that the audience was not aware of before this point. Alison and her girls Spencer, Aria, Hannah, and Emily are the queen bee’s at Rosewood Day, they seem like the perfect clique. Beneath the surface, secrets are looming deep down for each one of the girls. Ali has the darkest secret to hide, and she knows that if it were to get out it would ruin the life she has built. The book is set to only weeks before she was murdered and is the first in the series to be told completely from Ali’s POV. Ali’s Pretty Little Lies digs way deep down and captivated its audience with mystery and thrills, bound to keep you reading.

     This book caught my eye because of the series it was in. Back when I purchased this book I was heavily invested in the television show adaptation of this series. When they released this book, the show was at its peak where the audience was still trying to figure out who A was. I felt like with this book I got an exclusive sneak peek into Ali’s life and the secrets she was hiding. It did give me more of an understanding of what was going on. If you’re a Pretty Little Liars fan, this book will definitely leave you wanting more. You’ll be pulled into Rosewood and take it on Alison Dilaurentis style. Be sure to check this book out it will clear up any suspicions, doubts, or questions that the show has left you curios about.

Never Stop Falling Written By: Ashley Drew

   Never Stop Falling tells the story of Corrine and Nicholas. Corrine is a wild child and a free soul. She is spontaneous and doesn’t let anything hold her back. Anything except her rule loving, always by the book best friend Nicholas. These two have known each other their whole lives, they have gotten to know each other’s in’s and out’s. Nicholas and Corrine soon discover that they like each other, the only thing is they won’t let each other know just yet. The book follows them on their greatest adventure yet, as Corrine discovers her feelings for Nicholas. As the story goes on, they take the risk only to discover each other’s vulnerabilities. Throughout the book expectations and beliefs become shattered.  We get to follow them as they go through the trials and tribulations of their relationship. The book’s greatest grip on the audience is in the little moments, like when Corrine goes out and gets a little too tipsy one night or in the way that Nicholas talks about Corrine when she’s not around. Ashley Drew really knew how to grasp her audience’s attention by weaving in these tender and sweet little moments.

    This book was recommended to me through a friend when I was going through the biggest heart break of my life. She told me that this would make me feel better. The next day I went on Amazon and purchased it immediately. The plot in this book was everything to me, it really made me want to keep reading. I am a big fan of books with love stories in them as cheesy as that is. Sometimes, books can have a predictable feel about them but this one totally blew me away. Drew did not go in the direction I was expecting which made that much more addicting. There was point where I was glued to the pages and didn’t want to stop. Never Stop Falling takes you the audience on one hell of an emotional roller coaster. You will laugh, cry, and feel so much more. This is the type of book you read when you’re ready to let every emotion fly. This is a beautiful novel, that is so well written. And it felt so true to life, it really hit home for me. The characters in this book as so well written you will think you’re reading the story of someone you know.


To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before Written By: Jenny Han

  This is the first book in the trilogy written by Jenny Han. In To All the Boys I’ve Loved before we follow the story of Lara Jean. She is a quirky, fun loving, teenage girl. She is basically the teenage girl inside all of us. Lara Jean has written quite a few love letters throughout her life… the twist she has never sent them out to their significant owner. What would you do if all your crushes found out you liked them… all at once? This is basically what takes place in the story all of Lara’s letters are sent out in the mail by accident to the  guys she’s had crushes on throughout her life. All together there were 5 letters to 5 crushes. We go along with her as her past loves find out the truth about her feelings. One of those past loves just happens to be her older sisters ex boy friends, which brings in the drama. This book is totally relatable and resonates not only on romance but also on family relationships.

    What pulled me in here was the title of this book. I went to Target and past this book a couple times each time wondering if I should buy it for myself or not, I finally gave in after said heart break and bought it. This was one purchase that I did not regret whatsoever. Lara Jean like I said is the teenage girl that lives inside of us. Her character was so relatable, because although she had crushes on these guys she never  let them know with the fear that she would be rejected. It  intrigued me and kept me reading, I wanted to know where this was all leading. At first, when I finished it I thought that’s it where’s the ending? Then I found out that there was a second book, I immediately logged into my Amazon account and purchased the second book. I love when books have sequels especially when it’s a good book. It means the story keeps going and I can stay with my favorite characters just a little while longer. The emotions that ran through this book were pretty heavy and dramatic, but I live for the drama.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my reviews on the Top 4 picks for a good summer read. These books will definitely hold you over this summer when you’ve ran out of Netflix shows to binge on, or when you’re lounging around the pool or the beach. Some of these characters in these books will make you feel like you actually know them. Let me know if you have any suggestions on summer reads or just any read at all down below in the comment section! Til Next Friday  Yours Truly, -A


  1. This is a great list for summer reads! I’ve been looking around to buy a few books before my upcoming trip to Europe for the summer, and I’d definitely like to give some of these a try! 🙂 xo

    Sabina | I’ve Got Sunshine


  2. I LOVED the PLL books when I was in high school, way before the show came out. I will have to check the prequel out as a fun, easy summer read. Sometimes grown up books are boring!
    Piper Ellice
    Starting Out Southern Blog @ piperellice.com
    FB | Insta | Snap | Twitter: @piperellice


    1. Lol, yes I have to agree sometime grown up books aren’t as free flowing and light as YA’s and you should most def check it out it was one of my favorite’s back in high school


  3. I’ve loved Thirteen Reasons Why since it was published years ago! I’m so glad that it’s still being read. The message it tells is crucial.


      1. I definitely agree. It was very real and honest about the subject matter. I didn’t find it to be unrealistic at all. I was okay about the Netflix series, but I’ve seen some pretty negative feedback.


  4. I’m a little embarrassed to say, but I have never read a single Pretty Little Liars book or seen any of the show. I’ve always been more into non-fiction books. Also, I’ve never heard of the others, but you just made me really want to check out each one of them! Thanks for the list, I may have to look into these!


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