2k17 NBA Finals are Over!!! 

The finals are over! And the Warriors took the championship, just as I expected and wanted, with a record of 4-1. Although I was expecting them to sweep, I’m glad they didn’t beat a record that has been held by the Lakers.  

(Look how happy and proud Kevin’s mom looks)

Watching a sport I love is always fun, but of course nowhere near as fun and exciting to watch when it’s your team. Having said that, I did watch all 5 games of the finals and I did enjoy watching, even if I wasn’t cheering for any team (I’m not a traitor). I did agree with their finals MVP decision; Durant truly was the finals MVP, averaging 30+ points while also playing good defense. The rest of the Warriors obviously also contributed, some more than others, but that doesn’t matter when the end result is exactly what they wanted. After these finals I will say that I felt so nostalgic and I can’t wait for my team to be finals contenders again so I can feel this excitement and nervousness that only comes when it’s your team fighting for that trophy. 
Now, there’s only one thing left that I can think of and that’s the draft, which is approaching quickly. I can’t wait for the Lakers to make their decision on who will be our newest addition and what he’ll bring for us. Because whoever we choose, I just know that we’ll be contenders again…soon. Lakers are coming!!!
P.S. I doubt they’re going to the White House. 

✌🏻- N

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