Don’t just think it, go out and see it

Hello Hello!

So, for those of you who don’t know, N & I (S) are cousins!! We are the exact same age, just a few months apart and have a relationship like you’d find in best friends. We are very much alike, but at the same time polar opposites; its crazy, but that’s what makes our adventures fun. If you read N’s post last week “Take a Trip Anywhere, Anytime” you can probably tell that we are not really the planning type. We are dreamers and adventurers with love for the indoors and the outdoors. Together we have that gypsy wanderer soul with a love for history and the worlds that no longer exist. We talk and talk about where we want to go and what we want to see next. N and I can go on for hours! We’d probably drive you crazy just talking about one place all day long. To us, it isn’t just about seeing, it’s about experiencing and widening our boarders and opening our hearts and minds to everything this world has to offer.

Hello Hello!-1

Over the long weekend in February I texted N in the afternoon saying “We need to go to monument valley” and she replied asking where that was and I basically said I didn’t know but it was either Utah or Arizona and N said “lets go…today” after she finished a movie with her parents, of course. I wasn’t sure if she was joking or not, but I packed some stuff as quickly as I could anyway and put it in the car to head to her place. We weren’t even really sure where this place was located but we had decided we were going. I should have known N wasn’t joking; she was packed and ready to go when I got to her place. If N says we’re doing something, we’re doing it. (Just a heads up, we’re planning a trip late this year to Ireland and possibly Scotland, so stay tuned!)

As I stated above we are huge history nerds and so getting to visit Navajo Nation was a must do on our bucketlist. We love learning about the indigenous people and cultures of the United States that were once prevalent. Our common love and mutual respect for the indigenous people of our country is why this trip was such a success. I’ve read so many books that just broaden your mind and really take you back to a place where things were simpler and so wonderful and much healthier for our planet. The land they lived on was untouched and it was beautiful. Don’t get me wrong, I am a total LA girl and we love California and love the city! There’s just something about being on a road where there’s nothing but land everywhere you turn to. No buildings or skyscrapers, no traffic and not very many people for miles. We stopped in Arizona first and headed straight for the four corners. One thing thats always been on my bucket list since I was a little girl was to be in 4 places at the very same time! I got my wish! I was in New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Arizona all at once and it was amazing!

There were Native Americans selling beautiful handmade souvenirs, from pottery to jewelry. I bought myself a necklace with the bear paw on it. Its a choker that I love and hold dearly and wear as often as I can. After visiting the four corners, we went straight for Utah to Monument Valley. This is a place I don’t have words to express; only experiencing it’s beauty can you understand. It was amazing, people have always pinned me as the high maintenance kind of girl and a diva. They put me in a box and get confused if I start talking about nature or books or traveling somewhere that doesn’t have a luxury hotel. They’re all wrong because this trip was my favorite trip I have ever been on. We didn’t stay at a fancy hotel or anything like that we spent our time together looking at the wonder the earth has made. When I stood there I thought of all of this, I could picture those cowboy movies. I could picture how the indigenous people travelled walking through this amazing land; it was so peaceful. I even thought of a young man, the only guy who has ever told me I have an old soul. This person and I don’t know each other much, aside from the little that we’ve spoken his words, nonetheless, resonated with me. I definitely cannot wait to take more trips like these. I cant wait to go back to Utah in general and see it all again!

After Utah we went back to Arizona and stopped at the grand canyon. It was freezing but so worth it. The Grand Canyon is definitely as grand as they say it is. And I cannot forget to mention the STARS! They were breathtaking! After seeing N stick her head out of the car window and gushing about the beauty above us, I had to pull over and take a look for myself and N wasn’t kidding. I felt like I could reach out and grab them, that’s how close they looked to be!

Hello Hello!

We ended our trip with a stay in Las Vegas. We just spent the night and slept, N’s sister and I went out to the strip on a hunt for food but we ended up just going back to the hotel to sleep. Vegas is always fun and N and I had a fun trip together one year and have some really great memories and stories to share! Thats for another time. We aren’t from families of money, we don’t have connections to anything. We’re just two girls with a sense of adventure who will literally get up and go places with whatever we have in our wallets. We’re in our 20s and now is the time to just get up and run. You should totally do it, everyone always says its expensive and you can’t afford that right now. That’s when N says she works to live not the other way around. So we’re pretty lucky N has a pretty good job. So, really, think about it, if you’re going to party and drink the entire time then maybe, just maybe you can save up or use that money for a trip that feeds your soul on a deeper level. And, if you’re going to really see things and enjoy it all, including the hours of driving, then this trip can be done with the bare minimum and will be the most fun you’ll ever have! We promise!!!


-S & N

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